litter planned spring 2017

A litter for all those really interested in the breed:

The best of Belgian and French working lines combined in one litter, offering an interesting alternative to typical German blood lines a la Klemm, Duke an Co for both breeders and handlers.


Iara von den Unbestechlichen is a 5 year old vivacious bitch displaying lots of activity and and a high willingness to work.

Her protection work is characterized by an extremely fast but firm, full and steady grip.

Around people she shows an outgoing and friendly character. Iara’s father, Edden, has been one of the most important stud dogs in Belgian ringsport over the last years. He is the father of the latest Mondioring World Champion Cat. 2, and placements 1-3 at last year’s Belgian Championship Cat 3. went to his offspring: 2 sons and 1 daughter.  Apart from that he has lots of promising offspring in IPO sport. Edden himself is an extremely hard, uncompromising, serious and athletic dog convincing with an absolutely dominant, hard and full grip. He is a dog one whishes for, full of charisma. Lots of his character traits can be found in his daughter, Iara.

Fico des Grottes de la Plaine, is a 7 year old well-built, attractive and athletic male from working lines. In protection work, he is extremely dominant with the helper. Being a very fast dog, his grip is always hard, firm, full and very effective. Due to his special temperament and his dominant behaviour with the helper, he has never been shown in sport. Despite of these character traits, he is sociable with people in everyday life..


Fico‘s pedigree offers an interesting alternative to typical German blood lines.


His father, Nyttro des Grottes de la Plaine was a very dynamic dog with a strong character who was not often used for breeding. Another Nyttro son is the Belgian Champion Cat.2 of 2014, Flambeur des Grottes de la Plaine. Flambeur is a brother of Fico (2/3), same father and Flambeur‘s mother, Sylvia des Contes d‘Hoffmann is Fico‘s grandmother. Sylvia is also the mother of Cartouche des Grottes de la Plaine who participated in the Selectives for the French Championship in 2011,12 and 2013. Offsprings of Fico‘s mother, Vicky du Chemin de l‘Espérance are Ximbo du Boscaille – son of Cheytan des Grottes de Plaine and the two Tayzone du Calvaire aux Acacias sons Diesel 2 des Grottes de la Plaine, Ring III (F) and Diesel 3 des Grottes de la Plaine, finalist French Ring 2012 and participant of the Selectives 2012,13,14,15.


Vicky's brother is the French Ring III dog, Vite V dit Voltaire du Chemin de l‘Esperance. Voltaire is also the father of Daher du Domaine Saint Mathilde, Selective participant 2012,13 and th Mondioring FFMB Worldchampion Cat. 3 2016, Drop du Chemin de l‘Espérance Further dogs in Fico's pedigree are.... Lucas des Deux Pottois (Ring I (B)), father of the Mondioring Worldchampionship participants Roe van Joefarm and Pin‘s des Contes d‘Hoffmann as well as the French Ring finalist (1995,96) and Selective participant (1994,95,96) Foster des Deux Mandragores Nelton des Deux Pottois was a stud dog in the Belgian working line kennel ‘‘van Joefarm‘‘, amongst other father of Urosh van Joefarm, who left a lasting impression in the breed - together with his brothers, Provincial Champion of Antwerpen 1996, T‘Bio in Belgium and Nardo dit Rocky, Ring finalist of 1995 and very well-known throughout France. L‘Cosaque ..... and the 3 times French Ring finalist Itusk des Deux Pottois (Finals 1988,89,92), father of Hercule- & Drakkar du Cami de Cathéric, Dock des Montagnes d'Alaric, Itos -, Iek- & Iti de la Forêt des Bambous (participants of the Selective) and the Ring finalist Japan du Cami de Cathéric.


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